Established in June 1975, with 2 workers, a tea boy and a sewing machine taken on hire by Jaidev Kumar, which was corporatized into a Pvt Ltd Co in 2019.

We offer both handbags and wallets and other types of cases in the following materials.

Leather – Cow, Buffalo, Goat, Sheep all of various types, finishes, softness etc. We have wide range of colour and of the moment we are running over 90 colours. We also offering specific shade as per Pantone shade Color.

We can apart from leather also offer products in various vegan and or sustainable materials like
a) Vegetable Tanned Leather
b) Cork
c) Pinatex (pineapple leather)
d) Banofi (banana leather)
e) Desserto (cactus leather)
f) Mirum (plant based leather with rubber without any polymer) and
g) Apple Leather.

Cotton Canvas & Jute Bags and cases, with or without leather trims and bindings